I used to be so naughty with hair, I used to go to the equivalent of a Just Cuts!

Then finally I invested in a really good hairdresser in Darlinghurst on Liverpool St, Kimmy Ralph’s, he’s amazing. He actually analysed my bone structure and my layers were too short for my face, it was making my face appear wider. He didn’t want to take too much off and wanted to let it grow. My hair has been so much healthier since. He got me onto Sachajuan and my hair improved literally in the first couple of washes. It was really dry and wiry before and this has been a really great product. When I’ve had a massive workout, I’m really sweaty and my hair is greasy and revolting Neutrogena T-Gel Daily Control is great for any itchy scalp that I’ve got and it’s refreshing – and it’s cost effective!

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